Living in the Philippines is very different to the UK

Now in year three of living in the Philippines things start to seem normal although heading back to the UK from time to time boosts the thoughts again on what your missing and what you don’t miss or care about. I remember the getting up at 4-6am to head to the office climbing out of a warm bed in a cold room to head outside into a cold car. But living here in the Philippines I find very little problems when it comes to cold my car is replaced with a jeepy here which doesn’t even have doors or windows its completely open sided.

The working to pay the bills and the excess taxes of the UK which generally meant long hours and even with good pay by the time you paid everything off you start to wonder if its all worth it to the way it is now here. Living in the Philippines is more about getting the most out of life rather what the world can get out of you. People often assume Filipino’s have got life wrong because of the laid back lifestyles that the majority have but you have to remember the lands here are easy to grow food on and its only when you start throwing economics and greed into the equation you start to need more cash flow. Very little personal taxes are paid by people and generally people just go through life without working towards a future. Nothing wrong with it at all to be honest as the living for today if everyone had done it years ago maybe the world would be a more relaxed place with less population. You look at the UK its all about work and technology leading the way with solutions here in the Philippines its all about avoiding work and the fact the world will take care of itself. Who’s got the right idea?

Although I will say the TV shows here are the worst I have ever seen and luckily enough I don’t watch much TV in the UK either so no loss there but anyone who needs to fill the day with a remote will really struggle here even with satellite.

One of the important differences though to living in the Philippines from the UK is that you can stand still easily. In the UK you lose your job your bills quickly accumulate and you start to swim against the tide. Here in the Philippines even with a small internet income you could survive without too many problems as most things are based on wanting or affording. E.g. vehicle insurance most people don’t have it but then again also most people travel on motorcycle so the damage in an accident is likely to be them anyway rather than impact on another vehicle. Not justifying it but at the same time in the UK I have been stuck in the loop where I needed a car to get to work yet I couldn’t afford to renew my insurance unless I was working at least here you have the flexibility to be able to use common sense to make the decision.