Living In The Philippines For 4 years Anniversary This Month

Matt and April Wilkie

Thing is the Philippines part of life isn’t the important part of it for us its the being together as well as the various things that complicate our lives along the way. Returning to the UK several times for work, kids, family headaches and just generally getting through life its surprising when looking back we wonder where did the time go.Matt and April Wilkie It was meeting April that changed much of my life as before I had pretty much dropped consumerism at the same time was still work obsessed. Although looking back I still remember the day we finally got to meet in person at Mactan airport when we just knew “this is the one” when we seen each other in person. We had talked every day for months and sent photos and emails constantly but still doesn’t mean anything until you finally meet in person.

April appeared from the large family crowds huddled behind the barriers at the airport yet I could see her smile through the crowd and recognised her instantly. April was surprised with my weight at the time as I had got down to a 34” waist thanks to being in the gym every day something I am hoping to get back into when we return to the UK.

But even now I can look back at these photos and imagine the moments in them as if it was yesterday. Meeting April opened my eyes to the important thing in life being each other and family happiness. I know many people struggle these days to say how much they love the person in their life but I can honestly say I not only love my wife but proud of the person she is. Never grumbles, always positive and more importantly always a supporting wife in anything we do. Happiness doesn’t come along too many times in life and grabbing it when you can is what makes life worth living.

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  1. September 30, 2011 at 7:31 am

    Wow, congratulations! I’m truly happy for you and April! I hope you’re having the time of your life in the Philippines. 🙂