Living in Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

 I have been living in Minglanilla on and off for about 3 years now (working in the UK) my wife on the other hand comes from here originally so for April all of her life. The times I have been here though I have seen the town develop considerably from the way it was but at the same time many of the main key problems in the town remain. E.g. infrastructure and the market area needs re-organising.

Living in MinglanillaBut besides that I find the area safe to wonder around in and generally everyone is friendly. The church is the main building you notice when you hit the town area as its also where most of the parking is as well as the fact its a large pink building.

Minglanilla is also developing rapidly at the same time like most of the Philippines its lagging its infrastructure behind everything else. In the last couple of years I have seen two malls arrive creating many local jobs but also bringing a lot of new faces to the town.

On top of that the traditional market area is always good for bargains and getting your daily produce. The market in Minglanilla is within walking distance of the malls and the public transport is everywhere making it not only cheap be easily accessible for getting around the town.

Another reason I like the market area is that there are a lot of interesting fruits and vegetables I haven’t seen in Europe which allows for trying new things. Different times of the year mean also that different things are available so you may find new arrivals at the market depending what time of the year you visit. With the meat and vegetable market also in close proximity of each other this also means getting all your daily need produce (not imported) is within easy reach and in many cases within walking distance or 5mins ride from most sub-divisions or homes. On top of that I like the fact Minglanilla like most towns is built around the main road. This means travelling inland towards the mountains its fairly empty and undeveloped an ideal place to have home slightly out of the bustle of the main town that is still growing but still leaving the nearby hospital, malls and restaurants within reach.