Living in Cebu

Its been a few months since I got back and currently looking forward to Fiesta. The posts lately have been a bit negative which I think is more down to being busy and the constant bombardment of media coverage for the elections here in the Philippines. The funny thing is not one person I know has said they “trust” any of the candidates for president they all discuss the corruption issues associated with the politicians. Its a debate I won’t get into simply because the Philippines is my home but not my home country. I’m not a voter and I probably wouldn’t vote if I could.

Sitting here the roosters are making that very common cry as they set off the next nearest rooster and eventually comes back to the first rooster making a noise again. In the distance I can hear the yelling at the local cock fight taking place as they eagerly shout on their chosen champion in the hope it will win. For the first time in about a week I have realised there is no music as we seem to receive it from three different directions as well as the TV from 3 doors up who seem to have no volume control over the set.

Being back I am sitting wondering is there anything I miss from the UK? but the list seems to get shorter the longer I am here. I miss Nicole, being busy at work but that’s about it. Would be nice for family to come and visit us sometime but I know the chances are pretty slim so I don’t even bother to think about it. Its also the fact life seems to becoming less complicated and frustrating as things are either getting easier or I am getting used to accepting delays. There is nothing really bothering me at all lately.. which sort of makes it a bit boring to write about. I think Makro has helped with a lot of that purely because getting TV’s and food stocks has become a lot easier to bulk buy which also keeps me away from needing to go to the city regular. All in all things are on the up. The apartments budgets are a bit of a worry but will be fine once we get on top of things.

Its all quiet on the Eastern front until we start the next stage the Sari-Sari as this will begin shortly as I am hoping it will help pay to re-develop the building it will be housed in which will in turn take some of the costs off the construction of the second apartment to keep us on target.