Living in Cebu – Simon from UK (England)

I decided to write to Matt after discussions about the “sexpat” problem in the Philippines with Matt as I know he avoids the subject as much as possible because of its positive, negative and not getting involved personas. At the same time I can say “hi my name is Simon and i am a sexaholic”.

I emailed Matt at the end of 2008 to ask if he would tour me round the various bars as I had never been to Asia before but read on some of the nightlife forums the girls that were available for little cash. Matt refused but instead directed me to Kiwi Lodge to sort out accommodation and said talk to people around there. He was right as on the second night I met a couple of guys out of the Netherlands who showed me around the various nightlife scenes of Cebu.

To be honest I wasn’t impressed most girls seemed to have pregnancy flab or just rough. In all fairness I felt robbed but after going round the various bars over the 2 weeks of my holiday I did start to meet some interesting girls and the odd thing is if you are nice enough to them they will meet you anyway without having to pay the fine. Prices seem to go up and down depending if they think your a tourist or not but generally most girls are available for P1,000 in the malls as low as P250.

Now before people think shock horror there is another side of this which is why I was arguing with Matt in the first place in that foreigner bar owners and the rich Filipino’s are exploiting the girls not people like me. I come here and currently back filling my boots but can’t see why I should be giving a bar P600 – P1000 then pay the girl the same or less. The bar has no risk and purely exploiting the girls same as the rich Filipinos. How do rich Filipino’s get into this argument? who owns most of the buildings the bars are in it isn’t foreigners that’s for sure. Hypercritical politicians that’s what that is. Girls getting paid for the oldest human trade there is nothing wrong with they need the money and I don’t want a wife or a girlfriend been down that road and paying a girl P1,000 a hit is a lot bloody cheaper than sticking a ring on a girls finger.

Living in Cebu is now becoming a reality as the recession has scuppered most of my work for the foreseeable future so would like to say will be seeing more of the girls soon once I manage to rent my house out.

I would like to thank Matt though for giving me my chance to say me piece and he has agreed to put this up on grounds of freedom of speech although if it creates too much crap he’s already told me he will take it offline without a second thought because it is a hot topic. To everyone else the charities helping these women and those who want to condemn me to hell why don’t you spend your time lobbying at the Philippines government instead of bothering people like me. Remove the girls you remove the customers but lets face it how many of you are picking up donations and sitting back living off the sex trade as well?

2 comments for “Living in Cebu – Simon from UK (England)

  1. Simon
    March 23, 2011 at 6:06 am

    Hey Joe exploitation.. don’t make me laugh let me guess you come to the Philippines for the good weather right?? Not the girls, maybe your settling down with some twenty year old now that’s exploitation. The sex industry is a business and one of the oldest ones. Odd thing is you yourself saying how bad it is when I read on another post your a marine who do you think made the industry the monster it is in the Philippines bloody American marines!

    Government doesn’t have the resources is also rubbish the reason they don’t combat it is they are making money off it. Officials are not only tied in at a local level they are also helping 300,000 Filipinos be trafficked abroad. Welcome to the real Philippines the part people like to ignore.

    I don’t care what the girls say in the morning its a business transaction. Maybe their thoughts are more about that they can eat today as many people don’t see the girls as people they just assume the trade can stop overnight. Lets not forget so many are sold into it by family so where they going to go? They aren’t wanted by family the family just want money. Welcome to the real Philippines where people sell out their own blood for pesos every day without a second thought. When questioned the answer will always be “poverty”. Poverty my arse they have no shame in what they do to their own and they have no respect for them. Not my problem as I am not here to fix it if you want to be the crusading foreigner go ahead sure you will end up bitter over the fact nobody wants to help you.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    March 25, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Agree its something that is “here” and unlikely to change for the forseable future. Generally I try not to associate with the guys that are into the bar scene at least not when they are going to the bars (as you bump into them in other locations such as at birthday parties at resorts).