Living in Cebu – Chris Davies from Wales

I will admit i never bother to write on websites or forums mainly because i have little to say or interest in reading them. I came to Cebu after my wife died in 2006 and it wasn’t to find a wife it was simply that i had spent my life in the welsh valley’s and after the wife had gone there was no reason to be there anymore it was no longer home. I had met my wife originally at school and was with her until she was eventually taken from me.

The reason i sent this into Matt to be honest is simply i am tired of people assuming foreigners are just after a bit of skirt. I live here on my own and happy to remain doing so i came here because someone i knew came out originally before me and told me i wouldn’t believe it until i seen it with my own eyes.

After living in Cebu for several years now as well as travelling around i can say i find it hard for people to blame Filipinos for their own stupidity. Nobody tells you to give them money, build houses or even come here its your own decisions. I haven’t been scammed or robbed but then again i am still happy on my own and can’t see that changing in the near future as i have found my travel legs and enjoying the sight seeing. I do admit i had an industrial accident that put me into retirement early and that i was pensioned off at the same time i did get a lump sum after my wife passed away although happy to give it all up to have her back. My house is rented out in Wales which is more than i spend in a month and the rest of it actually grows in the bank. So i suppose taking money out of the equation actually works well for me and probably others if they choose to live in Cebu.

Thanks for the blog by the way Matt you have some interesting posts and often its very random that keeps things worth reading.