Living in Cebu as an Expat

Over the last few years I have seen a lot of people come and go and often people do things that amaze me but not in a good way. The expat community is one of those things that can be and often is very splintered on the way people have beliefs, understandings and thoughts which often lead to disputes and arguments that really aren’t important. As the last months have passed its been the longest period of time I have been in Cebu at one time and also the longest period of time I have actually been in the Philippines. Met some interesting Expat’s along the way and at the same time been researching information to try and gather a solid group of Expat’s that will work together as a business forum. The problem is that the majority of people either don’t function as a group in a business sense or their business setup isn’t what they say it is once you investigate into it a bit more. This has left me frustrated and wasting a lot of time.

On the positive side though I have managed to find several very good people along the way which have created the ability to cross share ideas and experiences to make everything that little bit easier. If your like minded in business I welcome anyone with positive input as the importance for me is getting to where I want us to be within the next 5 years realistically we have stayed on target even though earlier in the year I thought by now we would be lagging well behind due to issues of labour costing construction work a lot more than it should. In reality two of the three apartments are constructed there will be a pause in work once our new arrival gets here but after that everything will be back on track.

The bizarre thing as an Expat though or a  “foreigner” depending what people call themselves or like to be called is the family issues that occur with mixed marriages (marrying a girl local to the Philippines) many people say they have never had any problems but normally changing topic and going back to it you will find that people open up a few hours later without realising it and tell you the truth of some of the things that happened to them. The reason there hasn’t been much on the development side of construction and projects posted is down to a similar reason we have issues with several relatives and they read the blog regularly suffering with envy and pure greed which leaves them jealous and looking at ways to try and irritate us (such as sticking a fence across the driveway which serves no other purpose than just trying to irritate). Does make me wonder what they actually do with the rest of the day as obviously they have too much time on their hands. At the same time the only irritant is keeping a lot of things I want to share private purely because of the problems these people cause. Will be a temporary problem once we secure the next lot for construction things will become easier as what we do there is none of their business at all.