Living in Cebu as a British Expat

Living here in Cebu as a British Expat you can see a wide split in communities and initially I thought its just me because of the age difference and the majority of people I know being Americans. Over time though the catchment of people I know has broadened as the majority of people who do business and work in Cebu don’t mingle with the majority of expats. It would seem it was down to being unsociable but after you talk to most of them you find that they are tired of the same stuff going over and over again on the forums etc finding that they meet up with people that they quickly don’t get on with, or that they simply don’t have the time anymore.

In the last eight months I have found my time has been absorbed more and more with projects and although a lot of other things going on I am simply just about making 10% of the trips etc because there is no spare time due to workload. Also once you start getting into your routines you are happy to meet up with people but its more to do with them coming to visit you as you can’t get away for a full day most of the time.

Reminds me of a discussion I had with a friend back in the UK who was here for nearly 10 years he said its better to visit than live somewhere. The reason being you enjoy it more if your busy working and doing your daily routines how often do you go to the beach or the other things that brought you here? Truth of the matter your spare time becomes condensed to being available so even if planning a trip away for a few days your first questions would be can I trust people to run things while I am away? have I pre-planned everything for them? Is there anything I haven’t thought of? Which does take the Paradise scenario out of the picture on what people assume life is like here sitting by the beach sipping cocktails..