Live like a king in the Philippines is it possible?

The live like a king myth I believe originally started by another site who’s owner is generally trying to sell other things to the Philippines new arrivals. Now the big question is it possible if not exploiting other expats?

From a business point of view I have seen several people that are living like a king in the Philippines but most have been here at least 10 years and started with money nothing so far has been built without external cash that I am aware of. Could be someone sent here originally by an international company or someone with their own cash but either way its not been built ground up without pouring money in initially.

From exploiting the local population in some way such as the sex industry there have been a lot of money made but from the number of bars for sale in Cebu I would take a guess the only millionaire maker on that is the owner of the buildings not the bars themselves.

What about real-estate? Well there are people I know in that dubious industry that have made it big and continue to do so. The big problem with real-estate though is it does have this habit of going pop. At the same time as long as they didn’t keep reinvesting their money in property themselves they could ride out any real estate collapse and in fact prosper from it when it does happen. A “glitch” that causes negative equality is likely to force some panic sales and having money at the ready to buy them up will no doubt produce a good return so in real estate I can say some did build it up from scratch and can and are living like a king in the Philippines.

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  1. dave
    March 22, 2011 at 4:23 am

    hi guy’s.
    let me explaine.a bit. when i talked to matt on facebook. about my comment not getting on his blog? it was a thankyou. not a bitch. truth is? i was drunk…. not tippsy. but fall down .(punch you’r sister drunk.) apparently my ability to think shut’s down. three hour’s before my ability to type. (testing is on go’ing).after i typed my answer i seen that it was up for review. i really never thought it would be a problom.
    and after i sober’ed up. i was happy. i forgot to tell matt. dont show it.. (matt dont please!!!). but if you do? don’t worry.
    the sexpat addition. to this. is simple. i did’nt reply because. if i did? it would verify his place. on this earth. we could all go on for decade’s as to who the sexpats are as to marry’ing a filiipia. (i have’nt as of yet not go’ng to say no to it.) so if it get’s to technial point’s i’m guilty..
    my opinion? a forum is a place to let people discuse thing’s. and to let everyone get their say. a blog. is a personal diary of of one person’s day’ly struggle. to make sence of what they run into.
    i’m not going to side with both of you. as i seen many filippino .comment on the live like a king . post. and i find it fasinating to read their post’s..

    • Overlayer
      March 23, 2011 at 6:50 pm

      Corrections on the forums the point Matt was getting at was that they get over moderated and only have opnions that suit the owners of the forums. The problem with most philippines forums is they are written by old people who sit behind keyboards sipping on san mig never leaving the house. The problem is most forum members are not also in the philippines but have a strong sense of how the philippines is so much so they actually write about it and advise people on things they have no experience or knowledge of. People like me and no doubt yourself don’t use forums and generally I read Matts blog because hes always doing something. I was by his place earlier today to grab some books where he was busy wiring up some sort of coin slot machine.

      clencher on what matt is talking about and what you just said yourself filipinos are posting on live like a king how many times do you see that happening on a forum? time and time again matt tells people the majority of readers of the blog come from the philippines and mainly from filipinos. Odd thing is I have asked some of them why they read it and the answer always comes back because its true it doesnt mean they always like what matt says but what it does mean is questions get asked that they want answers to and most other people dont bother to ask them. the amount of websites and blogs that make the philippines look like the sun shines out its arse is a joke. I can honestly say if anything the burden of negative posts is high on here but its not designed to stop people from coming but more to do with think about what your doing. for filipinos its obvious its to make people look at themselves as well for them to get a better understanding of foreigners that they are meeting or marrying.

      • dave
        March 24, 2011 at 5:48 am

        yep i totally agree on the forum issue. most are over moderated. and if someone has an idea. it get’s squashed. or flame’d. i do sneek around on one. but it’s mostly for the entertainment factor and not the content. and i have seen filipino’s post . and give their insight. and not one has been flame’d. and watch old guys stumble around and tell them how great they are.
        here. i actually can ask them there opinion. and that does speak volume’s. as to how this blog/personal diary is run. one of the people that i did talk to is a person that was going to move to the philippines. sigt unseen. first i told him to run away. but after some thought. i told him to visit first. and by all mean’s read this blog. one of the thing’si like about this. is the fact that matt has bad day’s. and will right a long blog. about what made him mad. and what he did about it. as i’m 8000 miles away. i find that tactical data. priceless. and makes me more aware of stuff he deals with on a dayly basis. so to all filippino’s please give use your imput.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    March 23, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Articles dont disappear the one your talking about is here :-

    What can happen is if I write a lot they move off the first page. Last couple of days probably 20 articles have gone up since the one your talking about. As regards changing the comment system people were complaining the WordPress one had no EDIT features which is why Disqus was switched on. It also allows people to send links to their facebook and twitter accounts.