Live in the Philippines as a reality – things to do.

If you live in the Philippines you will know that a lot of the internet information is still out of date or lacking with indepth knowledge. The reason being many of the writers are isolated including myself at times as most people are either nearly broke, have families or simply not writing on the internet as they have other things to be doing. The third category I fall into from time to time as I get bored of writing especially if little is happening here where I am. At the same time in reality if you live in the Philippines its often the fact you get bored that your on the internet in the first place at the same time its one of the biggest problems of being here in comparison to other parts of the world where we are spoilt with things to do. Don’t get me wrong I have several resorts nearby I can go swimming, I can ride in the mountains and I can chill out with friends without too much problem. At the same time if I compare with Worcester in the UK it makes it look like Disney in comparison to Cebu. Its part of the problem with so many things being cheap here is that people generally don’t want to pay anything extra for something they should be supporting for development. Doesn’t mean its such a bad place just that it would be nice to have more infrastructure and more things to do locally which with a population of over 100,000 just in Minglanilla which has several cities near enough 5mins away you would expect more going on even with the low pricing issue. At the same time there are things to do up on Mactan which have gone the opposite way due to being a tourist hotspot where they are charging P3,500 to hire a jetski for an hour which I find a rip off in consideration I doubt they even bother to insure the thing. Under water walking is also around P3,000 per trip which is the same again overpriced. But then again it does seem there is a huge divide in the Philippines those that have don’t care too much on the price or manipulate theyre position of power for “freebies” or are poor and generally can’t afford to do any of these ventures at all. Problem I have is the frustration of sitting in the middle as I would have to move to a tourist part of the Philippines to get the stuff I like on my doorstep at the same time the prices are crazy. An example of that is hiring a banka (boat) which we hire from around P3,000 upwards for the day others are paying up to P6,000 per person for the same trip just because they are tourists and unaware they are being completely ripped off.

So generally I shun the bigger stuff and do things like :-

  • photography
  • motorbike rides
  • visiting new towns
  • airsoft
  • snorkling
  • gardening
  • area development

All cheap things to do in my spare time and its more pro-active than the San Miguel trap many fall into due to having nothing else to do.