Liter of light – solar bulbs no way..

Solar light bulbs made from plastic bottles which is where the term Liter of light comes from. Wonder what I am talking about watch the video above 3 minutes in.

Liter of light - Solar light bulbsLiter of light - Solar light bulbs

What puzzled me is the phrasing and terminology had I missed something was there a secret chemical formula that was added to the bottle? So I looked the NGO’s website and it doesn’t explain anything about the chemical mix. So I then thought ok what reactions could you have? Chlorine and salt have a violent reaction when water is added is it based round a new discovery in their energy…

Nope its more simple than that “they are not solar bulbs!” in fact they are solar gatherers and defusers would be closer terms. The water is only absorbing light which is then reflected out of the bottom of the bottle no mystery, no new technology and something that doesn’t work at night!

I can see the use of these in market areas and shanty towns where buildings are tightly packed at the same time there is talk of looking to get 1 million of these installed and I start to wonder hang on 1 million but then again the donation page is starting up requesting P150 for each light and on top of that looking for volunteers to install. P150 million pesos is a lot of money and in other money terms that’s $3.50 roughly or 2.40Euros doesn’t sound a lot but how much is an empty plastic bottle and an old piece of steel sheeting? Most of the areas they will look to install in are scavenger areas which means old metal sheets and plastic bottles are very very easy to find and probably for little to no cost. Another key factor being that it costs virtually nothing to make these why don’t they just do workshops as the people they are looking to fit these into their properties most are capable adults and can get the stuff nearby.

Hmm.. people wonder why I am anti charity and anti NGO here is a prime example, concept is great but it would have made more sense to do a quick article on the TV showing exactly how to “home build” than just showing the concept and then plugging for donations (not sure of the donations on the TV show but definitely is on the website). For people looking to help the poor and needy I advise open source concepts as this allows sharing and improving of technologies without profit or personal financial gain. The personal gain should be that “you helped” nothing else.

Oh forgot to mention we knocked up one of these in about 10minutes to try it. It does work but doesn’t seem as bright as I have seen in peoples photographs. Also I think 50 watts as it has been posted elsewhere in comparison to a bulb does seem a bit high.