Listening to the 5am Roosters in Cebu, Philippines

When you visit the Philippines you will come across the obsession that is cockfighting now its not a sport I participate in but you often find yourself surrounded with roosters as most people seem to have at least one. If they are big gamblers such as one of our neighbours he has at least 100 the problem you get is that one triggers another and then they just keep going on and on for about half an hour.

This post came about because I was sat playing Call of Duty when I noticed the time about to head for bed when I started listening to the roosters noticing that its generally 5am we seem to get them here every day. Only time you seem to get them earlier is someone wandering home drunk or something else that triggers them in the middle of the night. Problem you get is the entire neighbourhood starts crowing would be interesting to see how far it goes as its probably miles judging by the furthest ones triggering other ones that just spreads all over the place.

In time though you do become immune to the noise but the loud music for parties is a different thing where the vibrations are enough to shake the eyeballs..