Learning to stand together

The Philippines offers a lot of positives as well as negatives to someone choosing to live here but the choices you make can either make or break you as well. Me and my wife April are in year 3 which has already surpassed many in their choice of life. Why? because we have a few things that are a bit out of norm to the majority of people arriving. Firstly my wife is well educated and capable of residing in the middle classes even if I hadn’t come along, secondly we are in our 30s six years between us but also my age is half of most people I have met here. Which has a two fold affect in that we have to make an income and at the same time my wife respects the fact that we stand on our own feet. There is no pension, no pot luck everything we do is planned and keeps me awake many nights. At the same time we may ride a rocky road but each positive affect is appreciated as its been earned along the way. For a lot of others its based around pensions and gifts.. if its your pension its YOUR pension and should be careful not to be manipulated into giving it up so easily. A lot of the “hanging on to a young maiden” should be based on a real relationship not just that your little man wants to enjoy the pleasures of a 20 something smiling beauty.

So what is this post about? Its about the fact so many groups sub divide themselves within the Expat community. The fact that we should be working together, the fact that cutting yourself off from the Expat community or even falling into a smaller sub-community is destructive as it removes you from the community not allowing you access to peoples experiences and knowledge but also the community is robbed of your knowledge. So if you do have falling outs with expats remember its more important you work it out than you realise as most people need to help each other along the way or if they dont it could be expensive and more problems than most need. For example even digging footings for a house a backhoe can be P2000 an hour yet an expat might be able to lend you one nearby for a few San Migs.. its about time people severed their differences.. worldwide politics mean nothing here and the fact we are here makes us one people.. “EXPATS”.