Learning to live in the Philippines as a foreigner

Best way to describe it in one sentence would be “is to realise you have more enemies than friends and to treat everything like that”. May sound harsh but a lot of fake smiles will come your way and your wallet emptied unless you wake up to it. I have had an expat threaten me with court action for “damaging his character” yet he is well known locally for what he does and how it affects incoming expats. I know other expat’s may think enough is enough best not get too involved and not cause trouble. Well i’m not one of those I will stand my ground as I am fed up with these leeches cashing in on new arrivals I will fight it as far as it will go and if I have to return to the UK to pile the money in I will gladly look to ruin him completely if he wants to take it that far.

The Philippines can offer some nice perspectives on life at the same time some of the worst scenarios you can think of. I know I am outspoken and I know I will say things as they are but at the same time its not supposed to give a picture that damages something its done as “the truth”. If a business has something failing in it and then complain about something I write it would be nice if they took time out to “READ” what I wrote as I try to be constructive as much as possible the answer to their problem and no doubt increased revenues will be in the post.

So what has the last two bits of information got to do with the post? well a lot of it is down to the fact people here longer than others can often look to manipulate or bully people into things if they are unaware. The same reason I say if you have a pension don’t buy anything for a year live here first as all the worms will come out of the woodwork and you can just sit and listen to get an idea of the good from the bad and hopefully not make any severe mistakes. The reason I am so protective of new arrivals is seeing many destroyed in such a short period of time with things like Legacy. If they hadn’t invested they may still be here today. Its not all guarantees and I am not looking to blame anyone except to say decisions can take weeks or months. You don’t have to sign today! its the same reason I saved P500,000 from the Legacy collapse I sat on the money.

If your retiring here you need to sit and do a list before coming here. A list that states what you want from life and where you want to take it. Thinking “I want to retire or move to the Philippines”. Doesn’t cut the mustard life is hard here you may think I have it easy but lets not fool anyone here its nearly 2am and I am writing on my blog!

Want support off fellow expats? well I would say your looking at around 400/1 ratio I will help most expats and even ones I don’t get on with I will guide to people that can help them. But this question is actually wrong.. as the 400/1 ratio is not only the amount of expats that will help you but also 1/400 will listen to what you have to say! I talk to other Expats regular and they sit and see the hoops people fall through all the time and yet its stuff they told people to avoid but was ignored.

Even with my marriage some people are looking at odds of failure over success. I will say though my marriage with April doesn’t fit into normal (normal being the right word?) relations here we have a bit of a unique setup and one of the major factors about survival here if you talk to any of my friends is I can turn sand into gold.. not blowing my own trumpet but well known for being able to find a way to make money out of nothing which is why even now we are pooling an ever increasing income. Not a great income by Western standards but in the Philippines we are doing well.