Learning to live at a slower pace

Since December I have been battling to get ahead of the game and although its worked partially its took its toll a bit on my health. Yes we are sustainable, yes we are here for the long term but at the same time I need to lighten up a little and take things a bit easier. I am used to a city high paced lifestyle but the problem is others try to keep up and its been unfair on my wife April. Although I have never asked her to try to work at my pace she has done for the last few months at which point now its hard to get her to rest. I can only blame myself for this as simply my routine is normally long hours and even on the off hours I am thinking of tomorrow. Result has been that Aprils business doing the T-Shirts, Flip-flops and bags has expanded a lot better than we had initially expected but at the same time its now time to slow down at least a little..

The blog has been quiet for maybe not the obvious reasons, I have been doing a lot of things in the background including repairing over 200 bad links which gets me back to feeding your data into TropicalPenpals.com if your giving up your blog/website that was at least 60 websites and blogs that have disappeared since 2008 all with important and interesting information. Its sad when people do this and if I was a commercial venture I wouldn’t be encouraging it but if your not willing to pay for hosting renewal and aren’t happy to use my server then PLEASE keep your site live on something like WordPress.com. People forget the importance of historical data and in the future people will be able to (if you keep it live!) look back and work out how people lived as well as for the present it gives upto date information.

My wife April is also in the last few days of pregnancy which has also had a slow affect on the blog as I am not getting out as much. Not complaining mind as I am on tender hooks waiting for our new arrival. I was really surprised on how many people have had kids this year mind.. ours was planned but I must know at least 40 people who have all had children which goes to show that the baby boom in the Philippines is still on going. This will be our last mind as with a son and daughter to bring up in the Philippines home education aswell as the costs involved of schooling as well ( I want to give our kids a broad education) having children isn’t cheap and I can understand why so many kids don’t get a good education. But even then I have yet to meet kids here that have had a worse education than some of the kids in the big UK cities who can hardly read or write. Here most kids even with poor education are bilingual and understand the basics such as maths and written languages. In the UK the gang culture and rapper influences are causing a decline in the cities which I can only call madness as they have exactly the same opportunities if not better than kids throughout the UK. Kids here haven’t got the luxury.. generally good education in the right schools sets you up for life. Government schools will hold you back as money talks here and Schools are run as commercial enterprises.