Learning To Ignore Things In The Philippines

Odd title but in reality learning to ignore things in the Philippines can make your life a lot easier, because there are many things going on that are either irritating or even disturbing but more importantly are out of your control to deal with.

I have to admit I have become immune to most of it due to seeing it on a regular basis. The household waste people will tip onto a neighbours empty lot because they aren’t there and even in the breath they will complain about mosquitos or that a child is sick. Same goes for a lot of waterways clogged with plastic bags and used for direct solid waste. People complain about being flooded out in rainy season yet who is it that put all that rubbish in the river in the first place? the people that live along side it.

Thing is nothing you can do about it as these are educational things as the solutions are so obvious that you wonder why people don’t understand that with them doing one thing they are causing another. Being ill here and poor can often kill because they can’t afford medication etc. at the same time many things they could do would improve they’re life expectancy which all goes back to education being the key to nearly all the solutions in the Philippines.

Corruption at immigration is also something that has become engrained into society and why not seems nearly every office is doing it somewhere in some form. Just do your own stuff at immigration and don’t let them rip you off (sometimes hard to do with the so called receipts) but even companies budget % for corruption in the Philippines, but I do believe its higher than most other countries. Main thing though is learning to ignore things in the Philippines like this as your unable to fix it and just become  irritated and annoyed.

The defence mechanism people have in protecting the Philippines when you talk about these things and many others always goes back to “this is the Philippines” as if its acceptable and they have no responsibility in creating change for the better. See it in the UK where the working class there are dismayed with the government and current economic situation but like here they are waiting for someone else to fix the problem. In reality everyone is part of the solution and problem which is why these days I prefer just to not get involved at all, I get a happier more content life and I can ignore everything the same way everyone else does. Only difference is I will intervene in small things I know I can change.