Last windows finally fitted.

Due to being busy with things in Europe and saving for our new abode in Spain. The Philippines projects slowed down somewhat. But was glad today when my sister in-law sent over the photos of the last windows being installed in the Ube Building.

Ube Building new windows

Although looks like its time to take down our flags until we arrive with some new ones. They are looking tired to say the least.

Ube Building new windows 2Ube Building new windows 3Ube Building new windows 4

May not seem such a major thing for most but the fact is now the windows are in the refit of the internal building can begin. It had been put off until the windows were done to reduce risk of any weather damage.

But now the windows are in we are just waiting on an architect to do the design of the internal layout of the upper floor. As this will eventually be a 3 bedroom apartment for our family. Will also mean we can move our furniture and fittings over from the Zoei building which will make available another apartment for renting out. As currently its got our large TV and other things we wouldn’t want to leave in a rented apartment.

But now the windows are in its much easier to complete the rest of the upstairs apartment as the budgets are less heavy on the pocket. Although we could fund it from Europe we made the decision to keep funding things internally in the Philippines so we can concentrate on building our deposit for a property in Spain. Its slowed things down but at the same time we haven’t been in a rush. As we don’t take on any debt instead growing our savings and investing from profit.