Last month before heading back to Cebu

Its a bit of an odd feeling at the moment especially with it being Nicole’s birthday today. Although recently I have begun to feel more like someone looking in than a part of Nicole’s life. I think that’s all down to the way things are in the U.K. where getting more rights as a father simply just empties the wallet because lets be honest here the only thing the government care about is that kids from split parents don’t become a burden of the state. Which in turn generally means lets crucify the father. Must be this equality everyone talks about. Anyway I am off to work in a few minutes and just felt like writing a quick update. This year has been a bit hit and miss on goals and expenses went a bit out of control while income has halved making next year a lot harder. But will we survive? there is no doubt, I mentioned in a previous topic about people who hit the ground running regardless of where or what they have in the world they will always survive and normally do well for themselves. I’m fortunate enough to be one of those people although I don’t think it would be difficult for others to do the same as its generally just a mindset a lot of people fall into depression or stress because they let things build up for example. Where I will just have a day that deals with the issues directly have a few beers on the night and back to work in the morning forgetting the day before because its all resolved. I have had runs of what people would call bad luck in the past but always came out ahead in the end because simply you can even kick me when I’m down because eventually I will stand back up. Not stroking my own ego here but you have one life in a lifetime your living it. If you let things get on top of you your going to struggle to change that even if you manage to why die unhappy?

Getting back to the last month most of the stuff has already gone via BB Boxes shipped monthly and my luggage is looking more like a car boot sale due to the amount of mixed items in it and a severe lack of clothing. I’ve found this trip a bit more interesting this year made some new friends but also found out some “real friends” from the bunch and things seem to be improving with my parents. The realisation of how bad the economy is we will still have to wait and see Labour and the banks say 3 years to recovery and easing of loan restrictions I say a minimum of 5 is a more realistic view. Did anyone invest in Cadburys something I mentioned as the recession hit? History always states that Cadburys performs well in recessions as Chocolate is a cheap high. I couldn’t predict the buy out but hey what’s a 400% share return between friends!

Everything is almost ready for the trip home only issue is the weight of my hand luggage which is going to be nothing short of heavy. But I am hoping I get in early to the airport so I can push through quietly as most of the problems occur if later in the queue. Get in first an odd kilo here or there people say ok. But near the end they are double checking..

I have found this year to be more of a solemn affair due to the nature of the beast. Being away from family, trying to raise enough funds aswell as finding a reliable job has all led to a hard year. My budget is down by £5,000 on next years projects so will be looking to stretch and manipulate what funds we do have into generating another £5,000+ which wont be easy and its been keeping me up at night the last couple of months. But will be interesting as I will be setting the new goal list before Christmas for 2010 and will see where it leads.