Last couple of months living in Cebu

Its been an odd couple of months lately with people complaining about things such as me struggling on my income (without actually knowing what it is) to simply getting bored of things. Construction has been going ahead and the next apartment is now in the painting stages which to be honest was a complete pain in the arse (pardon the language) as the skimming that was originally done on the concrete was excessively poor which meant even after 3 days of filling, sanding and painting it still looked fairly rough. Most people wouldn’t notice but its annoying because I know most of these issues here get caused by laziness and nothing else. The bedroom is finished and I used a local paint which had enough vapour on it that I had headaches for several days after completion and had to leave an extract fan on as well as a floor fan at the door for 2 days to get the fumes out. How does a painter work with that stuff permanently here I am sure they wouldn’t need shabu or rugby glue as a habit if they did! So yesterday involved grabbing some Sun and Rain paint (there is also Rain and shine) which after a paint sample last night I was glad to smell it was odourless.

Financially we are fine although like most people on the planet could always do with that bit extra and partly why I am going to be looking at offloading all the excess bits and pieces we have around here such as the jeepy we never use. So to get rid of it will be offering it for P40,000 its registration is expired which is why its dropped from the P55,000 I originally was looking for about a year ago. On top of that will need a new battery but the ignition was recently rewired as well as a starter motor overhaul and brand new solonide was added. All in all a battery and its registration will get it back on the road and it has an existing battery its just not holding its charge after not being used very often over the last year.

The starting to do rentals has already started to bring people into our neighbourhood and hoping this continues to develop as getting a small community going here would be nice as well as makes things like getting things from abroad easier amongst the group or even splitting on costs for beach outings etc.

The yaya quit to head back to the provinces to allow her husband to come to Cebu to work as he wanted to be the man providing for his family yet since he’s been back he hasn’t been supporting his family so as usual he’s let his family down but no point breaking a habit of a lifetime. Having no yaya here has put a bit of a strain on family life as we are simply working constantly either with the kids, construction, blogging, rentals or something else which means everyone is currently pretty drained as getting 5mins for a nap is difficult at best. I know why parents like the school years..

Business wise I have stopped developments until I get this apartment finished and the above issues as simply we have too much on going to add anything else into the pot. The current problem being the computers coming out of the internet cafe (becoming the apartment) are going into Peso-peso machines outside freeing up the building but also the income from it doesn’t really justify the space it was taking up. Big problem in the neighbourhood is the wonder of internet cafe’s as they have been opening up all over the place. Guaranteed they won’t last 6 months at the same time it does have a negative affect on our business as well. Will just get the apartment out of the way first then I think I am going to look at the outsource market and start putting most of the computers to better use (if I can find the right recruits).

All in all though we are all a bit worn out, happy to be here at the same time will be happy for things to be better organised as the current chaos isn’t doing us any favours another couple of weeks though and hopefully life will improve. If you do come across a yaya by the way let us know!