Lack Of Building Planning In The Philippines

Talisay housing project

Planning has always got positive and negative features in construction. Generally negative when you don’t get what you want and positive when it does go your way. In the Philippines though its more about long term development concerns that bothers me most. Sub divisions are springing up everywhere with little regards to infrastructure and often bring with them power issues, road congestion and a lack of localised business generation. Why are these things important? well as a surveyor in the UK that has spent time with a lot of social housing developments you get to see the failing and the successful ones. The issue I see with certain types of homes is community isolation as well as poor construction, no thought to child safe environments or the impact on existing communities. The one in the photo for example is setup on a single track road which will house thousands of residents. Its built a pretty seawall area where people sit and get drunk with music at full volume. The seawall road also exposes the exterior wall of the sub division the full length which pretty much makes it useless as a deterrent against theft as even myself not being at full fitness could scale it in one jump.

At the same time the UK and other countries are looking at how to fix the loss of community as well as things like crime reduction and commuting reductions the Philippines is going through what I can only see as the UK in the 1950s. Housing developments such as Easter house in Glasgow seen people moved out of the city slums but then developed into areas of high unemployment, high drug abuse and high crime. Primarily these issues were a fault in the design of the housing developments as there were no shopping developments, no businesses in the area and pretty much isolated from the main city.

The rise of concrete jungles is only going to create more problems in the future stuff we have already seen in the West and struggling to fix. This doesn’t even scratch the surface on environmental or sustainable development that is now starting to creep in on developments.