La Place full moon party in association with Jungle Restaurant – Mactan,Cebu, Philippines

La Place - Mactan Its taken a couple of days to recover from the party as I had got the days wrong so ended up at a relatives farm in the morning that resulted in a case of San Miguel grande’s needing drinking before realising the party was in the evening. So by the time I got back showered and ate it was time to head over to Mactan.

It’s a bit of a trek if coming up from the south but here is a cash saving tip, get on the KMK bus to SM then catch a taxi to Mactan. For me in Minglanilla the bus costs P30 each way the taxi on the way back cost me P350 and the driver tried to sting me for some extra which wasn’t happening for the simple reason I asked him to put the meter on before we left the restaurant and I would pay him extra but drivers being the way they are even though we agreed the fare he thought he would try to fleece the foreigner.

Anyway still didn’t spoil the evening! so I arrived around 9pm although would advise not going until 10pm to let the party numbers build up. Reason i came early is i wanted to get an idea of the layout as i hadn’t been before which is a bit more difficult when the place is full.

There was a P200 entrance fee which also gave you your first drink free and a luminous La Place - Mactan wrist band. Drink prices were actually cheaper than expected not that I was expecting to be over charged but normally I pay P70 for a San Miguel lite where they are P50 at La Place. The bar has a nightclub feel about it and layout. Plenty of seated areas as well as an open air dance area. Bar was well stocked with chilled beverages and the staff were all on the ball with no long delay for drinks. A big advantage La Place does have over many venues is it is open air except for the DJ booth area and the canopy over the bar which stops it getting hot. Throughout the evening temperature wise it was just right not to cold or too hot and as the venue filled the party started to get in full swing.

The venue is a regular hangout for Yuppies and tourists alike with its friendly atmosphere and bubbly happy staff its definitely a place to hang out and especially to drop by the Full Moon parties that happen once a month.

The Jungle Restaurant brought along some of their dancers for an exhibition of fire dancing and body painting. I have met Philip online earlier this year who owns the Jungle Restaurant and it was good to finally meet in person. The dancers went down with a storm

Jungle Restaurant bodypainting - Mactan Cebu Jungle Restaurant - Fire dancers - mactan,cebu

Another important factor was the dancers stayed on for the duration of the party which kept the dance floor buzzing..

As the party progressed it became a free for all as the water cannons came out and the party moved into a wet and wild evening of dance and soaking others or getting drenched.. which everyone seemed to enjoy..

La Place - Mactan CebuLa Place - Mactan CebuLa Place - Mactan Cebu    La Place - Mactan Cebu

As 4am approached the party started to wind down and everyone started to go home. Had been an enjoyable evening all round and everyone seemed to be looking forward to the next party. So if your in Mactan or nearby well worth a trip over for the night parties. Also can be doubled up with the Jungle Restaurant earlier in the evening as they are within 10 minutes of each other allowing dropping by to see the native dance shows and fire eating while having dinner before heading on to the party. I would like to thank everyone at La Place and The Jungle Restaurant for an enjoyable and memorable evening.

2 comments for “La Place full moon party in association with Jungle Restaurant – Mactan,Cebu, Philippines

  1. Anonymous
    October 27, 2010 at 10:11 am

    it looks like cayote’s ugly film I’ve seen…maybe we will drop by one day and see how it looks like.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      October 27, 2010 at 11:05 am

      well worth a visit.. if in Cebu.