Krua Thai – SM Cebu

Krua ThaiAs normal if we find ourselves in SM Cebu we end up at the Krua Thai restaurant one of the few Thai restaurants in Cebu. We brought along our son Ewenry today as he’s now got to that age where he is fascinated with everything going on around him.


Krua Thai,Cebu,Philippines, Ewe Krua Thai,Cebu,Philippines    

First thing I would like to say though is that tea is complementory although you may get “what would you like to drink?” rather than “would you like a complimentary tea or something else to drink?”. So just ask! Ideal for me today as my nose and head is clogged up with a cold. Good to relax before getting into some tasty food.

Tea cup Yellow beef currychicken and cashew nutsRice with pineapple chunks

We normally order more than this as we don’t get into the city very much but today April went with Chicken and Cashew nuts which is a tasty dish which has a sweet sauce mixed in with it. I went for the Yellow Curry with beef for a change (normally go chicken) and we split on a platter of pineapple rice. Aprils also had some vegetable spring rolls for starters which to be honest used to be something I loved until I came to the Philippines as I find there is way too much salt in nearly every one I have tasted. On the other hand the chicken was tender and mixed well with the cashew nuts as the nuts gave the meal texture. The beef was also very tender and had absorbed the yellow curry pretty well making it mouth wateringly good and the fluffy rice complimented both dishes.

April at Krua Thai restaurant Cebu, Philippines