Kosin Grill Not Only Closed But Dismantled Leaving An Eyesore


I wrote about this restaurant in December 2010 as it had recently opened. We used it several times and found the food good and designed for Pinoy taste only real problem was horrible kids left to run around the restaurant while their parents pretty much ignored them and dined. Easily could have shoved a play area in the rear car park to keep the kids out of the seating areas or even better if parents actually learned to discipline their monsters.

But all in all an ok restaurant, wasn’t overpriced but was a bit expensive for locals in the area. If more work was done in checking prices and the available market they may not have even bothered to open. The restaurant was in the right place just years ahead of enough money to sustain it in Lipata, Minglanilla. We rode past today and April grabbed some photos. Another thing worth mentioning is that rents are often unreasonable for land areas which is why many businesses that could succeed are either left as a dream or simply bankrupt within months. Not sure what happened to Kosin Grill but disappointed to see it go as well as the fact its now a blot on the landscape as it sits half dismantled.

Kosin Grill - 4th Sept 2011 - Minglanilla,Cebu,PhilippinesKosin Grill - 4th Sept 2011 - Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

Believe it or not the last photo is the same spot as the first one taken today, sad to say this is how many businesses end up in the first year of trading. The restaurant may still be there today if it was 1/3rd of its original size as well as removed the rear car park as 1/4 of the space was about right for the amount of clients likely to use it. This wasn’t near any major sub divisions of note that would pay the premium for food although was right on the main road for passing traffic.