Koorah Koorah Restaurant worst restaurant in the Philippines?

Its a review I was asked to publish as a warning to others because not only was the service terrible everyone who went got a nice dose of food poisoning. Now from the information I have been given there were over 20 people that ate in one sitting all got food poisoning except for the person who told me about it. Why? because they never brought his meal which is why he was the lucky one of the bunch but the other side of the problem is this was for the benefit of poor kids and pretty much anything that could have gone wrong at the place did. Hopefully Alan will comment below with the ins and outs of the day but just wanted to warn others as Rob a friend of ours recently had 3 days in hospital and dysentery which he picked up not at this location but the point is hygiene and food quality are paramount here as so many diseases exist and easy to catch if ignored.

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  1. TropicalPenpals
    December 29, 2010 at 1:16 am

    Koorah Koorah Restaurant worst restaurant in the Philippines? .

  2. December 29, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Thanks for posting that Matt. The party for the poor kids was the day before thank God I did not take them there, it would have been a nightmare 50 kids with food poisoning.
    Koorah Koorah Restaurant is directly across the road from the gateway of Picnic Park in Tagaytay and is a famous spot for days out. It was in fact 7 of us that ate at the Koorah Koorah Restaurant or it would have been 7 if my meal had arrived. They were reminded at least 5 times that they had forgot one meal still nothing arrived they same happened with 2 fruit juices that also never arrived, which we reminded them at least 10 times about the fruit juices. Some one then decided to order Coke for everyone a bottle of Coke soon arrived but never no glasses. Again we asked for glasses many times but no glasses ever appeared.
    By this time I had had enough and suggested we leave and refuse to pay but was overruled. So we left but paid for what we had and not what never arrived. While they were sorting this out the Manager lost the ability to understand a word of English “very convenient” as I was the only one that wanted to tell him what I thought of the service.
    4am the next morning I was woke by the wife crying in pain which was followed by a few hours of her running to the toilet (CR) in the morning we discovered everyone that ate all woke up in pain and had the trots.
    The only good thing about the place was they never served me so I was the only one that did not get food poisoning.

    • December 29, 2010 at 11:23 am

      Just been told it is Picnic Grove not Picnic Park

  3. muffin
    June 12, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    just had lunch today at the said resto. Service was poor and food was terrible. I ordered inihaw na tilapia (w/ egg and tomato) but much to my surprise, they gave me a fish wrapped in foil. I thought to myself probably it was just their presentation or something but when I opened and saw it, I was hesitant to taste it. The sight-gave me a feeling my cat would love to eat it. Raw baby! And the smell? freshly caught from the net! So I asked the waiter to cook it again. After 10 mins, voila! Inihaw aka steamed tilapia tasted like fish boiled in water. I’ve never tasted cooked fish like this before! Because of this experience, me and my beau decided to name ‘bad foods’ koorah-koorah coined after this resto. PS Neither would I recommend this place to travellers 🙂

  4. Raine
    January 6, 2012 at 4:07 am

    I totally agree that it’s the worst restaurant in the philippines..There was a heavy traffic going to leslie’s at tagaytay so my family and I decided to search for another place to eat at the other side..We saw koorah koorah and decided to give it a try..I was so hungry I ordered the chicken pork adobo meal..My dad,who always orders bulalo everytime we go to tagaytay,ordered their “famous” bulalo..My mom tried their squid meal..My brother tried the pork bbq..& my dad ordered the inihaw na tilapia..My brother’s meal came first..To our surprise the pork bbq was cold like it just came out from the fridge..Being so hungry my brother started eating it..Next came the squid,it was so tough you’ll probably need a hammer to pound it..My dad’s tilapia was wrapped in a foil..when we opened it, surprise! it was raw so we complained and they cooked it again..it was so bland..everyone was already eating and mine hasn’t come yet..after many complaints,the waitress came and said “sorry but we do not have chicken pork adobo anymore”. I was so irritated because I was asking about it so many times and they hadn’t told me there was no more..Ah! at last the bulalo came..It was also cold like the pork bbq so we told them to heat it up and they did..When it came back it was piping hot..We all dig in..upon first bite at the meat,it was tender but tasted funky..I thought to myself ‘maybe this is carabao’s meat’.. Suddenly my father stopped us and said “this bulalo is already spoiled”. He told us to smell the meat..And when I did,it smelled like rotting food..I immediately told the manager and he just said that among people who ate there we we’re the only ones who complained..we didn’t pay for the bulalo just the single meals we ordered..and left..It was the worst restaurant experience I had..So I warn people please do not try to eat there..You will surely regret it..and before I forgot..I looked upon the receipt they gave us and they don’t have any TIN #..so i’ll guessed they’re not even registered..