Kissed goodbye to P100,000 death of a Gecko

Philippines Gecko

What did I lose? well a bit of a friend to be honest a gecko that was around a foot long in length. I discovered him a few weeks back accidently as I stood still outside as I had forgot something but couldn’t remember what it was so paused for a moment to think. In the dark around midnight he appeared round the corner. Its one of the things I notice here is most creatures react to sound and motion which is why you don’t see as much wild life as there should be. But anyway here he was happily minding his own business following me on route home. I find Gecko’s rather curious creatures as we also have a much larger one which I won’t discuss his location and I will tell you why in a moment. But if your stood around outside talking he will come and stick to the wall watching you having a conversation. That one is much larger than the one next to my house. More in line with the size of a small baby crocodile, but here is the thing about Gecko’s locally they are fetching from around P50,000 upwards for export. Not sure where they are going but one thing is for sure they are easy coinage if you know where to find and catch them. For me though these guys took years to grow this size and I am not looking to sell them out for a few pesos.

But here is the problem.. the other day there had been heavy rain and in the morning Jovie came in and said she had heard a crunch on the mosquito net door. Upon my wife Aprils investigation it became very apparent our little friend had half his head squashed in the door frame. April wasn’t too keen on moving him due to the size of him as it makes the local lizards look tiny and upon removing him from the door frame its surprising how sticky he was trying to get him off. Bit of a sad moment as I am trying to preserve the bits of wildlife worth saving and to find a simple doorframe had caught the Gecko in what appears to be him either keeping warm or looking for something to eat incident. Was a bit disappointing.

The ants didn’t seem to fussy though when munching away and called up the reserves to assist with the disposal.