Killed an entire family within less than 5mins – cockroaches that is!

cockroachesThe cockroach wasn’t native to the Philippines it arrived via shipping and it liked the place so it decided to stay. Its the one creature I have a daily battle with unlike the ants who although they bite I can happily kill them knowing they aren’t carrying diseases.

I got bitten by one of these critters previously and it left my arm numb for a fortnight. Partly my own fault as I had asked a cheap bar where its toilets where which resulted on pointing at a wall at the back of the place with a drain channel to the sewers. Leaning on the wall the cockroach decide Matt must taste good but you can’t really tell until you had the first bite (that would be his last).

Tonight I am having a few beers after a busy day and on drain watch as I know that’s how most enter a home. What I don’t know is how they get those fat bodies through the tiny filter holes but they do. Tonight’s massacre seen 2 die in the sitting room, one in the toilet, a child (is it a child?) one die in the shower room while I smacked its mothers head to destruction as it was too fat to get through the filter. Wouldn’t mind but they don’t even tip when they leave and cause me to keep one eye open when I sleep after my wife left the drain cover open a few months ago when I awoke around 3am feeling something running up my right leg.

I know people are going to say “leave the light one” but guess what I can’t sleep unless its totally dark, I would be more comfortable in a casket than I would in many other locations purely because of the sound proofing and lack of light penetration.

Now an easy answer to this (which I may stand corrected to in the future as I am not a plumber! is to add a U bend. Most plumbing here is direct which is partly why they can get in that body of water may slow them down but it also reduces the risk of odour coming back feed from water or septic tanks.