Kidney pains in the Philippines take coconut water

coconut waterI can’t mention this one enough for people that dehydration is a problem especially here in the Philippines where drinking seems to happen a lot more than I find in other locations. Well except maybe Germany or Greece.. or.. ok I will stop there! in reality the fact is its hotter here so dehydration is a bigger problem. Especially when alcohol consumption is involved.

Several people I know have had gout as well as other problems dehydration (and alcohol) related. Drinking coconut water helps filter out the kidneys as well as many other benefits so advise drinking on a regular basis as well as keeping topped up on water. What I have started doing myself is drinking water before I go out anywhere to help reduce the risk of dehydration. If your getting kidney pains then its even more important to take coconut water in the hope it solves the problem other wise its a trip to the doctors and a wallet extraction.