Kid Beggers in Cebu

When travelling to or in Cebu or other parts of the Philippines always worth buying before you go
Things to give away.. you will no doubt come across street kids or poor people around your neighbourhood or literally everywhere. Such things as clothing. .Toothbrushes and toothpaste and other essential items that are out of the reach of many. I would always advise taking something that you can give away on your travels. You will come across street kids more regular than you would expect. Much better to give away a few cheap items than to give money. Which could go towards glue (for sniffing) or to help fund a relatives drug habit. There are too many people to help but doing a little bit here and there helps many. Doing a shop in a £1.00 Shop or a discount/bankrupt stock warehouse you will get packs of toothbrushes etc. at very low prices. The advantage i find of doing it this way is two fold.. one people realise you wont give them money but you are still helping and for you. You get left alone or unlikely to get pestered as much as your not an easy target. Either way you get a nice feeling inside knowing youve helped someone and they get something they can use.

I never give money.. because quite simply i dont know where its going and if you look close enough into the kids you find that a lot of them are addicted to Rugby glue and are daily smashed out theyre faces after sniffing.. do you really want to encourage this? If you dont want to give them items or dont have them on you when out get them some noodles or something else. What a lot of people dont realise is behind the scenes the kids are made to do the begging as you see them as helpless cute things.. like tv adverts that charitys drive down our throats.. But behind the scenes there are people running many of these kids as part of a racket and they take the money from them. Dont become part of the problem.. sometimes ill get the kids fries from mcdonalds etc. But never give cash! thats all can advise..