Kawasaki (Bajaj) Rouser 135cc OR 200cc models – Philippines Motorbike

Kawasaki (Bajaj) 200cc in Blue - Philippines

While out yesterday I came across a new motorcycle dealer, I had written off Kawasaki simply because they couldn’t be bothered to price up their motorbikes on the website and we didn’t have a dealer nearby. That changed today as the new dealer has Honda,Kawasaki and Suzuki bikes but more importantly a Kawasaki Rouser in stock I could view which at P66,000 is near enough identical in price to the Honda CB110 but 135cc instead of 110cc as well as there being a 200cc option. Getting technical here! But the point being the 200cc is less than P100,000 compared to the Honda CBR 150cc which is P150,000. Neither of the bigger bikes will I be going for and there is a reason for that the same reason I stepped back on the cars in the UK. If I have power and acceleration there I will use it and the roads here aren’t safe enough to open a bike up properly and it would soon become a widow maker instead of a touring bike.

Common sense cut in I am looking at the 135cc Kawasaki (Bajaj) Rouser next to the Honda CB110 as the main contenders for which bike to go for. Both have a larger frame compared to the under bone bikes but I do like the passenger seat on the Rouser as well as its not cramped up like most other bikes I have come across. The reason I decided to put a “Blue” Kawasaki Rouser in the photograph was a typical local sales technique of the fact the bike isn’t available in blue when in fact they just mean they have only the Red and Black ones in the showroom and they can’t be bothered to find out if there is a blue one at other dealerships.