Joint ventures for a future in the Philippines and abroad

Recently I came across a group of Pinoy’s who are struggling to compete with other countries down to the mail costs of the Philippines Mail Service (Phil-Post). I have been trying to work out a solution for this issue as its likely to cause many of them to simply give up the businesses as it simply doesn’t become viable due to the high charges. The only two reasonable ways round it seems to be going via Hong Kong and using a “drop ship” method into Hong Kong and then things are redistributed from there or where the companies know they sell more goods we look to form up Drop Shippers in other countries. Basically what would happen is the goods leave the Philippines via shipping freight instead of Air but in larger quantities. Its then redistributed from a mini post office (drop ship host) which could be simply an OFW or people with connections abroad which is where the Expat community could also be involved as they no doubt have some relatives who are looking to make a side line income. This could beat the problems within the mail service as well as speed up the delivery system. Works for the Chinese who are pushing the drop ship idea for things like Ebay and no doubt it can work for us but it really does need people to work together.

While working on the idea I also thought that its important that people start networking up together to help reduce costs. E.g. instead of buying your packaging from a company why doesn’t a group of small businesses import/buy together reducing overheads for all? Or maybe someone is manufacturing wooden items but they could cross sell with someone who makes wood carvings to the benefit of each other? Forming up these sort of ideas and getting people to work together can only benefit everybody.