Jejemon is Filipino word of the year but what is a Jejemon?


In the last decade texting has taken off in a big way which has no doubt led to a lot of the creations such as LOL, WTF, BRB, etc as generally accepted short speech not only on mobile phones but chatrooms online and even leaked into peoples emails to become part of everyday accepted words and meanings. But what is a Jejemon?

I have found in the Philippines there are sub-cultures such as the gay community that have their own speech which people I know call “choo choo ek ek” not sure if its the right spelling but that is what it sounds like when you say it. Thing with the “gay chat” is its Cebuano but its backwards. No doubt there are a lot of other sub-cultures out there with their own expressions. There are words that are commonly used such as Kuan (another word not familiar with spelling! will correct later). Which means like in the UK “the whatsamacallit” Kuan has the same expression basically meaning you forgot what you asked for in words but still need something. Problem I find is I hear it too often leaving me trying to fill the gaps in with “what could it be??”

So what’s the relevance to the Jejemons? Its an evolution of the Filipino language but just wanted to show that it happens elsewhere on the planet as well. But the Jejemon’s are native to the Philippines and you will find words like “Po” receiving an extra H on the end yet nobody seems to know why. Same with X’s and Z’s appearing in the local dialects. The thing is with Jejemon’s is the capitalise Zs and Hs of random letters and it seems to be spreading which like the “LOL’s” will no doubt be here to stay especially if the teen element has caught onto it as a trend.A jejemon is a sect of people who, because they’ve defied the rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar, have developed their own language. Problem is its spreading purely because its a modern thing that people are pushing forward same as blogs have become jologs and in the same way expressions such as M8 and CUL8r became the norm in the UK Jejemon’s are doing it all again with their own expressive language. But not just in the Philippines as Thai Jejemon’s will put “5555” instead of “hahaha” because of its location and translated into Thai 5 is “ha”.

There is a belief that the word Jejemon comes from the word “jeje” meaning a type of homo species who use to live in Latin America. But more likely due to the computer online culture its probably an alteration of “Digimon”

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