Jeep back for sale at P35,000

Bit of an odd one to get rid of as several people wanted it but have had either financial or women problems. Dropped it down to P35,000 plus the registration costs just to get rid of it as I need to offload this and the multi-cab before I will buy the new motorbike (got to get rid of some of the vehicles here only me driving and I have 4).

As you can see its running fine, mainly needs an overhaul just to clean up the engine, change of oil and adding a water tank to the radiator (its run without the tank since it was built years ago so not critical just a pain to top up). Besides that I have done a lot of repairs as you can see with how quick it starts on a quick turn of the key. Cheap vehicle and robust ideal for here. The reason I originally bought it was down to the fact that its got a solid chassis and frame. If you see a multi cab after an accident it folds up like a tin can if you jump on it where this is a solid piece of machinery a lot safer for the roads.