JBL On Stage 3 – iPOD speaker system


I’m a bit of a gadget addict although coupled with good common sense. So today I was in Tesco looking at a sound system for my iPod as I love music as its somewhere I can just switch off for a few hours. Used to keen to go and watch live music when I was younger and new what spare time was. Problem I had in Cebu without paying top money I really couldn’t get what I wanted and I couldn’t get it reliable. So while in the UK I’m picking up the kitchen appliances and other essential items we need back home in Cebu. But this JBL (Just Bloody Loud!!) docking station and sound system is small and compact aswell as JBL! so thought ideal but after buying it another bonus it actually comes with the remote control and a carry bag. Now browsing through the instructions I find it takes batteries aswell another bonus. Also a USB cable connected to your computer will synch the iPod. Or you can add another sound system to the audio in..

Listening to it for the last 10 minutes I’m impressed with the quality of crisp sound and no doubt its unique shape is helping get the reflection of sound that’s giving it such a nice sound..

After 4 weeks and no play I thought it was time to get this treat as its nearly half price and even other stores I found online with sales on were still looking at £30 more than I paid.. Big smiles :D:D