Japan’s watchdog see’s no problem with Yahoo! Japan merging with Google. Microsoft on the other hand isn’t happy.


Japan’s fair trade watchdog gave the go ahead with an alliance between top internet portal Yahoo! Japan and Google.


The tie-up "will not immediately run counter to the anti-monopoly law," Takahide Matsuyama, secretary-general of Japan Fair Trade Commission, told local reporters, according to Kyodo.

On Tuesday, Yahoo! Japan announced the deal, which is likely to see Yahoo! and Google dominate the market.

Under the deal, Yahoo! Japan will switch to Google’s search engine this year from the Yahoo! Inc. technology it currently uses and deploy Google’s online advertising and distribution system, while maintaining its current user interface.

In return, Yahoo! Japan will provide Google with data on online shopping or auction trends, excluding personal information.

In the United States, Microsoft quickly denounced the alliance, saying it would give Google near-total control over the third-largest market for search queries in the world.

Yahoo! Japan said it currently has about a 57 percent share of the search market in the country and Google has about 37 percent. Microsoft has almost a three percent share.

Adding to this story as regards Microsoft I find it hard to hear Microsoft complain when its pretty much dominated the PC market in a way that stops fair trade and development. At the same time its search engine Bing! I find useless as every time I have personally used it (By mistake) I have had to re-search using Google because Bing! doesn’t give me the right searches that I want. It seems very out dated and slow in comparison to Google or Yahoo! and unlikely to catch up with the current speed things are developing without huge investment. So complaining there is better technology out there and the fact that it will be merged to give the consumers a better service at the same time no doubt a better slice of the pie for the businesses. Let’s remind ourselves how Microsoft dumps us with half written software with things like Vista steals our money and then charges us to upgrade to another version. I have no sympathy for Bill Gates and his crew as I have had to suffer with Microsoft for over a decade with the way it plagues and dominates the PC market. I hope that Google’s new online OS system when its released might actually see Microsoft’s monopoly splintered.