James Yap prays for a miracle to save marriage

James Yap is praying for a miracle to save his marriage to Kris Aquino. In an interview he spoke to a local journalist stating that he had sent flowers and text messages to Kris and their kids before they went abroad.

With time to clear her head and space to think after her brothers stressful campaign James is hoping that Kris will rethink her decision. "As I said, I will fight to save our marriage. Gagawin ko ang lahat para ma-save ang marriage namin at mabuo uli ang family namin. I won’t give up until I have done my best and I have done everything that I possibly could," he added. James in the same interview denied rumours of him being a womaniser and also that links between his wife and several men such as Senator Francis Escudero, Makati mayor JunJun Binay, Gerald Anderson and Coco Martin dispelling those thoughts. Was it all media hype and interference?

Aquino said she asked her lawyers to initiate the legal actions to end her marriage with the the basketball star and it appears the paperwork is well underway in preparation for Kris Aquino’s return from the U.S.

In a statement read by the Buzz host Boy Abunda, Marcos Ochoa Serapio and Tan (the law firm retained by Kris Aquino) said it will take the "necessary steps at the soonest possible time."

"Ms. Kris Aquino has recently announced that she has decided to end her marriage to Mr. James Yap and asked us to initiate the appropriate proceedings for the purpose she believes that it is for the best interest of all that’s concerned, especially her children," the law firm said.

The law firm also asked the public to "respect the privacy of the parties and let the legal process take its course."

Although not a fan of Kris Aquino and haven’t seen James Yap play basketball I do think people should be given the right of being left to sort out problems like this in private. Doesn’t help with being a media celebrity when everything that should be done in private is being played out on live television. But either way this definitely seems to be getting close to papers being signed and agreed and the parties going in their own direction.