James Yap playing basketball while President Aquino took oath in the Philippines.

While the media coverage was busy covering the inaugeration  of the country’s 15th President, one man opted to shun the spotlight and play basketball at a private court in San Juan, Metro Manila. James Yap, who is currently having marital problems with President Benigno "Noynoy"s sister Kris Aquino stayed away from the event even though he had said previously he would be there in support of the new president. Its unsure if he had been advised to not attend or had done it willingly but James said he told Noynoy “that he would miss the inauguration, and that the latter respected his decision”.

He also extended his congratulations to Noynoy. “Ipagpre-pray kita always… nakilala na rin kita, alam ko naman na wala kang ibang hinangad kundi tulungan ang ating mga kababayan, so God bless," he said.

James Yap who is a professional basketball player for B-Meg Derby Ace has admitted though that he and Kris had not yet sat down and discussed the marital issues. He did say though that he was hopefully for a positive outcome and given time they would have a heart to heart discussion.

Kris Aquino on the other hand had said in an interview "We were keeping our distance from each other for several weeks when James exploded. Yes, I am guilty of many times saying I wanted out. But I have never involved our son. I have never said words that would hurt Baby James and negate his value as my child. I am trying to be decent and proper,"

Kris made headlines early this year when she allegedly confronted a woman rumoured to be Yap’s girlfriend. The incident had forced Kris to move out of their home, only to return days later.

In 2007, they went through a rough patch after Yap was rumoured to have had a romantic affair with Hope Centeno, one of the receptionists at the Belo Medical Clinic.

In both instances, Yap denied the speculations.

Kris attended the inaugeration with Baby James alongside her sisters in support of President Benigno "Noynoy". Without James Yap by her side.