Its Official Dengue Cases Reduce In The Philippines – 2011

More mosquito’s but less Dengue in the Philippines?

For me it seems a little odd as the last few months I have seen a huge number increase in the mosquito population due to the rains we have had. Are they different mosquito’s compared to the Dengue carriers? (Dengue mosquito’s are generally around in the afternoons).

But either way here is the information – The Philippines department of health stated on Friday “it has observed a sharp decline of dengue cases during the peak months this year compared to the same period in 2010”. Eric Tayag (assistant health secretary) said “the number of dengue cases in the Philippines in July and August was 52 percent lower than last year”.

Data from the agency did show 3,127 cases of mosquito borne disease in July but no data was available for August, although for the same period last year there were 24,382 cases for July and 43,000 in August. BUT I would also like to mention there is a paranoia with doctors here that seemed to see everyone’s kids diagnosed with something being admitted to hospital “just in case” they had dengue. No doubt with the error on the side of caution (As well as boosting the Hospital companies bank balance) could mess the figures up considerably.

Tayag went on to report that the health agency officially counted 70,204 Dengue cases nationwide from Jan – Sept of this year which is 24,000 less cases than last year (25.87% lower).

The majority of cases came from Metro Manila 15,427, followed by Central Luzon 13,347 and Calabarzon 10,215 said Tayag.

Quezon city ranked highest in cases of Dengue with 4,611 , Manila 1,944, Caloocan City 1,941, Valenzuela 1,090 and Pasig with 838 cases. 396 people deaths have occurred so far this year said Tayag which is 60% lower than last year.

"The marked reduction in cases can be attributed to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders, especially the local government units who disseminated timely information to residents and spearheaded clean-up drives in their communities," said the health official.


But in the same breath, Tayag reminded the public to continue being vigilant against the disease, which can be fatal without prompt medical treatment.

"Since dengue is already a year-round public health threat, we must not be complacent… let us not put our guards down," said Tayag, encouraging every household to maintain a clean surrounding and eradicate possible breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

Although this is encouraging I would be cautious on how much has been done in terms of “solutions” as like I said I have seen more mosquito’s than normal in the areas I normally go how about you?