Its a little hot for the wet season in the Philippines

Considering we are supposed to be in the Wet season at the moment it does seem very dry and in fact very hot. It seems a bit hotter than the last couple of months during the afternoons. Zoei Cooling off in basin of water under manual pumpZoei today decided its time to cool off and have a swim as she climbed into a basin of water fully clothed before anyone could stop her. As you can see content in the cool water straight from the pump not a worry in the world. Although to be honest it doesn’t take much persuading to get Zoei into water the hard bit is getting her back out. Today is one of those times!

Although will be looking forward to the next pool outing to cool off I am hoping my feet heal up properly in the next week as they seem to start healing we get a bit of rain and its back to square one.