A boat trip on rough waters

At the weekend i headed up near the Shangri-la hotel to the small pier there to grab an island hop boat trip organised by a friend of mine. It was originally supposed to be an almost full trip but ended up with a lot less although still an enjoyable boat trip where i made some new friends. April didn’t come on this one due to us not having anyone to baby sit Zoei this time. The main reasons for the trip being down on numbers is the weather and its short notice as it was previously cancelled and moved to last Saturday so obviously many would have made other arrangements. If you have just recently moved to Cebu and looking to make new friends this is a good event which will allow you to mix with people who are also mixed race marriages/relationships which can help everyone as there are many events going on regular that you may not know about that others may do on the trip as well as getting new friends.

Cebu beach photo by Matt Wilkie Matt Wilkie - Cebu beach photo boat islandtrip Island off the coast of Cebu Beach off the coast of Cebu, Philippines

The weather was a bit choppy but nothing compared to the north sea. But then again we are in a small wooden boat and a few people were a bit worried to the point it seemed nearly 60% of the people on the trip were wearing life jackets.

The beach was beautiful as usual although we did catch quite a breeze due to the island being very open to the elements. We all had lunch in the picnic huts and a few beers chatting about everything from politics to languages. A few new faces and a nice day out. Downside was getting soaked on the way back with the waves which eventually blew the battery in my mobile phone. Definitely one of those things you should at least try once.