Is your boyfriend who he says he is ?

There are a lot of people offering services to find out if a woman is cheating on the guy but how many are working the other way round? The reason im asking is simply down to the fact that although many people here in the Philippines see a beam of light shinning from a foreigners butt the truth can be the complete opposite.. so if your a Filipina or a concerned friend.. this is a list of sites offering free background checks on U.S. Citizens.. if people come across it for other nations please let me know and ill add them. Guys may think this is a bit unfair but if you read the forums most guys are complaining about the women and telling other guys to check them out using private investigators if concerned. If its good enough for the goose its good enough for the gander..

Now before people think im taking one side or the other on this the reason im posting is because there are private investigation firms available in the Philippines who will scout out issues with girlfriends/wives if you email me here I can do it from the guys side.. but im for equality.. and not only that I have seen the damage that some of these guys do to people then disappear into the sunset. I have also seen the damage that some of the women do aswell so all I can say is I offer advice to both parties and will put anyone in contact with anyone they think they need to contact in legal channels.. because its a two way street and I want everyone to be happy and if I just see things from a guys point of view I am no longer being impartial which is the whole idea of my blog site. I would hate to find that someone has used anything available in my sites and blogs to a negative affect as its not here for that. I just want everyone to be safe and positive outcomes to happen. But realistically common sense has to take president at sometime. I do apologise that the criminal checks are only available on U.S. citizens but if you have more information of databases available etc please pass them on. The same goes for the Philippines.

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  1. Instant Public Records Search
    December 12, 2011 at 5:25 am

    It’s definitely important to do a background check on everyone – even your boyfriend!