Is the server on slow?

slow internetI was busy analyzing some statistics on the blog last night and came across a section that showed the load time on nose diving on speed which partly is down to an increase in traffic but I am also getting tired of HostGator’s slow performance. The servers are U.S. based which is why I want to ask you if you find it slow or not as I do know the internet is slow here in the Philippines sometimes I wouldn’t even notice if a site was running slow or not because the connections so bad.

If you can leave a comment to say if its slow or not and your location would be appreciated as I am renewing the hosting in November and will be looking to move to another more suitable service provider. I think half the problem is they have shoe horned too many sites onto one machine and this is where the bottleneck is as the physical speed of the internet shouldn’t really make any real difference off that one server. But why I am so concerned now? well I was before.. and I have removed other sites from the server to reduce the load but if Hostgator can’t provide the service then there is no point sticking with them. I hate slow internet and I hate it even more if I am the cause!