Is the Philippines safe for female travellers?

I have noticed this year a lot more women seem to be travelling to the Philippines especially on their own. The problem is most of the information on the internet is biast in a negative way. What I would say is if your going to the major resorts and generally just booking trips via the resort your pretty much in a safe comfort zone that will take care of anything that may be a risk.

But if your backpacking the Philippines is still a safe country but just error on the side of caution. Pre-plan your accommodation and try and research areas, I would advise using forums to get localised information from people in the area it may also save you some money.

All in all I find people of the Philippines not only friendly but accommodating they want you to come here. If you need a guide or assistance at any time please feel free to contact me personally and I will try and help where I can. The Philippines has some of the best scenery on the planet but at the same time some areas are better off avoided such as parts of Mindanao.

What is the risk of kidnappings? Don’t be too flashy with money you don’t need a lot and advise checking your ATM card will work in the Philippines in advance of arrival. Most people speak at least some english so getting around isn’t an issue but advise doing things like taking the registration number of a taxi and texting it to a friend making it very obvious to the taxi driver what you are doing.

Main thing is always to reduce opportunity from thieves, don’t wear jewellery especially in market areas where snatchers operate. Split your money into several zip pockets etc. All in all its just about a bit of common sense and just working to keep yourself safe. If you are touring alone I would strongly advise trying to find a travel companion or getting a guide. If you need a guide please get in contact and I can arrange one. Reducing the risks will heighten your enjoyment and experience of the Philippines and taking on a guide will also throw up opportunities you may miss otherwise due to localised knowledge. Either way I welcome you to the Philippines and once you have enjoyed your trip please encourage your friends to visit aswell.