Is the Philippines safe for female travelers?

I have been asked at least 5 times this year by different women travelling alone to the Philippines “is it safe for women to travel to the Philippines alone?”. Now although I strongly advise always traveling with a friend regardless if male or female purely because accidents happen and having someone who knows you around makes things easier to deal with for medical reasons as well as comfort at the same time its also a good idea for security.

But I am aware all the women coming to the Philippines to travel are coming alone for no doubt their own reasons and I am not about to rain on that parade. But I would say you can have a great holiday vacation here as long as you use common sense and I have added into the blog tonight a few items you may find useful filed under travel advice.

The main thing is to try and tone things down you are in a country where the majority of the population are living on less than $1 a day. So doing away with most jewellery as even the most simple of silver necklace is swiftly stolen from necks here is a must. Same as splitting cash up, one thing I do is an “emergency transfer” via Western Union which is an amount that could keep me going for a couple of days if I was robbed etc. I get a relative to send the money in my name and keep the Western Union collection number safe. Which is another reason to keep your IDs on you at all time but separate from your money incase of snatchers or street robbery. Having a small amount available if a street robbery happened though is also a good idea as it will no doubt get rid of the robbers quickly but still leave you mainly financially intact.

But for the majority of people its unlikely as a tourist you will run into problems especially if doing the tourist things as most places are very secure as well as resorts able to organise most things you need. If how on the other hand you do want to do things a bit different or looking to move to Cebu for example its worth noting our rental properties. If you would like anymore information or help please feel free to email me at