Is the Philippines ours to change?

A lot of people have frustration on some things that happen in the Philippines which just confuse the Western mind. But who is wrong here? Because simply we are in the Philippines not the other way round. Respect for a boundary ends at a gate which means people might pee on your wall because that now belongs to the public highway (outside). People will stand and chat in the middle of the road even if there is traffic or more often than not just look one way then walk straight in front of moving traffic (happens to me a lot). But is it wrong? The person looking only one way you are expecting so in built up areas you don’t even need speed limit signs because you slow down due to caution. Someone Pees on your wall well its something that will never change but if your used to living in a small Nipa hut where the sitting room is the dining room and everything else old habits are hard to change as simply its a way of life.

But my major question is do we or should we get involved in changing things? Because to be honest I think the U.K. for example has so many things that have gone wrong with society do we really want to introduce the same issues and problems that are plaguing the West?

I used to work for a foreman years ago who was very religious and never owned a TV. The reason for no TV was the fact it introduced foul language and bad thoughts into his home. Which I can see his point in many factors but then again I don’t watch TV much anyway. But watching some of the advertisements on TV in the Philippines and coming back to the UK you watch adverts not because of content but looking for how people are being manipulated into buying the products. Moral of the story being practice what you preach or should it be?

I want to do development projects that are all about rainwater harvesting and producing container gardens aswell as developing energy power devices from scrap e.g. turning a car alternator into a motor for a solar wind turbine to supply energy that can help charge batteries to run 12v lighting systems in the evenings. But the development will always be by choice simply because the ideas will be developed at home and if anyone is interested the opportunity to learn and develop the techniques will be passed on. Its not being forced upon people. May seem a bit odd to some people but the problem is I look at the world from the eyes of a world that needs to change nothing should ever be a hand out as we have left parts of the world in a constant state of poverty because simply someone will always bail them out right??

Well if you look at the UK we can proudly say we have now got the 4th Generation of Non working families (Families that haven’t had a working member for 4 generations of adults). What is an interesting factor in this is sometimes its a home grown problem. I have a brother who is a typical non skilled worker who lives in a region that is wealthy yet he cant break the cycle of being out of work because he wants to be a bus/truck driver. There is nothing available because funding isn’t available. Yet head into Birmingham and people will be calling you up to ask if you want a free course. Its not because he is lazy he worked 7yrs at one company before moving to another and worked at Kay’s Catalogue for around 10-12 years before being made redundant. Retail isn’t something he can do and other opportunities are pretty poor in the area. Also the fact that the majority are short contract roles via agencies that promise the earth about a future and an ongoing role where in reality they are 3 – 4 week roles that end up with him losing his unemployment benefit for 6 weeks. So it actually pays him to not work because he is now caught in the cycle and no doubt there are millions of others out there caught in the same loop.

But where does that fit in with the Philippines? Well an exodus has and is taking place. Like me I don’t work in the Worcester region because the pay is a joke compared to working in other regions. The Philippines is losing a lot of its skilled labour around 11million Filipinos who make up the OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). The same happened in Scotland in the 50s and 60s as work was scarce the problem is once the people go they never return. The cycle in the Philippines isn’t much different from the UK though those who can afford to leave do and end up earning a good wage etc. Which then encourages others to seek a fortune. Those who cant afford the education or not as smart as others get left behind and the “deprived" areas develop. Difference is in the Philippines there is no benefit system that will keep you afloat its ends up either living in complete poverty or a splash in the ocean with a charity. But the ignorance of those who “know better” regardless of which country anyone resides is the fact I have yet to hear anyone ask people “what do you want?”. The solutions for most peoples problems may not be as far as it seems. But most things in the world that are a human problem can be resolved and the blame game “its society, culture, hard upbringing, poverty etc.” are all just excuses to not tackle a problem head on. The UK suffers with its Hoodies and so called Street culture but is it a problem that its all down to deprived areas or the fact the gangs are destroying them?

Do I have solutions to all the problems the answer is no but the questions should never be based on finding an excuse but finding a solution. If gang culture is the problem then community spirit and organisation should be the solution. If poverty is the problem then the solution could be written in history as it could be down to location of people e.g. all city dwelling when the farms lay empty which have been farmed for hundreds of years. Or it could be government corruption or civil war need to be resolved before the country can move forward. But the other thing is if you decide to “help” realise not all the worlds problems are yours to fix and not all the problems you want to fix are yours to change. The main thing is finding your part of the solution (if you want to be) and letting things develop at its own pace.

Most important of all is it has to be something people want to embrace and not just doing because you said so..