Is the Philippines better for you than living in the West?

The Philippines may have issues but I find in todays world that it has far less than the UK or US. There may be problems of corruption in the Philippines but I see it in the UK and US as well. In the last couple of years the politicial arena seems happy to be more on the surface with it as well as they don’t seem to fear prosecution. Tony Blair with his cringeworthy apology on Iraq that only appeared after his emails were hacked is a prime example.

The Philippines also may still have its day time shows but people spend a lot more time together and do a lot more activities. Its very rare for us to have an empty house as we always have visitors and celebrations. Its like life should be which is family orientated which also means work and everything else revolve around it.

My corporate work life I have ditched as it has become slave like to the point I would rather flip burgers than ever work there again. At the same time like most corporates they promote family values etc. but have no problem with people being away from home 5 days a week every week. Then telling you that its normal, well its only normal if you put up with it.

Here I sit in Spain with Spanish guitar music in the background, its November and I have my door wide open as its hot today. I cycle the kids to school daily and work from home and get to see my wife and kids every day. Yet why is this so wrong? The answer is that I am not doing anything wrong many Western countries are just nothing more than a machine.

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