Is the Philippines Anti-American?

I was reading a topic on this today but the forum post was already locked. But there is a common trend which has occurred which has put a lot of people off Americans but a lot of it is down to some of the Americans they have met already. I’m talking within the Expat community. I have some American friends but I have also met several Americans who are quick to use you for what they can then you don’t hear from them again unless they need you for something else. But I have had the same experience in the UK due to coming from a construction / maintenance background that people want your knowledge or help on things they don’t know about. As time has gone on though I have stopped doing it for most people unless its on a consultancy basis purely because they are fair weather friends who just want something for free. The same could be said in Cebu as I have had a mixed experience although haven’t had it with other nationalities. But also I think the backgrounds on people vary and often people stick with what they know.

Filipino’s on the other hand I haven’t heard any complain about Americans although will often look and comment on mixed couples generally the overweight balding guy with the slim 20 something local girl. Who generally will assume they are American but its more of a “look at them” rather than anything sinister. The same could be said with a lot of mixed marriages though as its still something that is seen as a little odd by people until they actually know you.

Racism on the other hand is a different story as inflated pricing and sometimes trying to hussle for us to buy goods used to be common but its something you learn to work round. I will confront some things head on but generally its easier to get a relative to buy/deal with the locals we are buying from as most will try to up the price. Its not an Anti-American thing its done to most foreigners and I am not talking street vendors, can just as easily be a doctor, dentist, mechanic, builder or government official. Always ask a receipt and use your rights the more foreigners learn about rights and use them the less it will happen over time.

There is a lot of subdivisions within the Expat community though and a lot of it is more to do with mindsets and class than anything else. E.g. an expat with a live in bar girl isn’t someone I would invite to my table. My wife and in-laws work hard for what they have and the bar scene isn’t part of it. Same as I wouldn’t have a prostitute invited to my table there either. A lot of people lose sight of what they used to do and find things more acceptable because they are in a Foreign country. Don’t get me wrong if your into the sex industry etc. that is your choice the point is that other levels of society don’t find it acceptable at least not openly. Which is why there is a divide with some expats. The next is the retiree group who are simply that “retired”. More often than not they get involved with negative spin on a lot of topics which they have little or no experience on. The problem with this is there are business minded people which are another group who are looking for positive minds with others in operation not negative misinformed information. Which sort of splits most expats into the groups that they sit. Business minds, retiree and sexpats. Tourists aren’t counted purely because the 2 week stoppers are generally here for different things and not too involved locally.

So when moving here you will probably find you meet a lot of Expats until you fall into your own niche. But whatever it is the problem isn’t anti american just different people here for different reasons doing different things.