Is The Philippines Addicted To Technology?


I am a bit of a gadget freak myself but I do find the obsession a bit different here in the Philippines due to things like having a great mobile phone, iPad etc. takes priority over fixing a hole in the roof or painting the walls of a house. Most of the technology I have here is utilized to make money or life easier not to shower Facebook with look at my new gadgets. Not saying its just the Philippines but the buying habits here and use of technology is probably a lot higher than most other places what puzzles me is why though?

See I can understand having a Netbook for blogging as it slips into a bag easily and doesn’t take up much space but why get rid of a desktop PC for a netbook if your just going to use it at home anyway? Why get an iPad when you actually have little use for it except to say hey look at my iPad although I am looking at one myself purely for its ease of use when travelling around I can keep the blog up to date as my Toshiba (Chinese) laptop has given up its ghost on the battery front. Why did I say Chinese? because they were manufactured in the Philippines previously and since moving to China all I can say is its as crap as a non branded laptop and my life long commitment of buying Toshiba for its quality has now faded due to the last 2 laptops I bought from them.

At the same time I do love camera’s motorbikes and other things that make life easier my 35mm lens is faulty (Canon original) another P7,000 down the drain as I badly need to replace it at the same time I have been struggling with this for over 6 months which means the number of photos I take and the quality will shoot back up again. Just disappointed that the lens with its “common fault” is costing me money to replace.

I do think though the Philippines is addicted to technology but for all the consumerism reasons rather than functionality and productivity. The American dream came up some time ago while I was reading about today’s Americans and the fact they are abandoning technology they don’t need. Partly financial but also they realised the last iPhone they bought didn’t bring the expectations they wanted so why would the latest model be any better. I have to agree, I like a phone to be a phone and a PC to be a PC not combine the 2 and end up with too much going on to use the phone and not enough capabilities as a PC built into a phone to actually find it worth the hassle to be typing on a tiny touch screen keyboard.

It did remind me of just before Christmas on the TV some host telling OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) to get they’re relatives the latest iPad as well as other useless items, makes no sense whatsoever people are abroad to “help” families mainly not there to be a work slave to consumerism. They way I see it if I was an OFW gifts are exactly that “gifts!” when it becomes expected,desired or asked for people don’t get them. At the same time goes back to the leaky roof when I look at peoples photos happy to be receiving a box load of things and I have received many an item that the neighbours sold us because they received a Balikbayan box from abroad with a lot of things they don’t eat or use. Why not fix the roof instead? Why not get rid of those grey concrete walls and give it a splash of terracotta or yellow paint to brighten up a home that gives years of improvement to someone’s life rather than something that may even cause them to be robbed.

Technology is a great tool in life but it all has to be in balance. I have a Rusi crappy Chinese scooter that’s falling apart at the same time I won’t but a new motorcycle until its last payment is cleared. I won’t be getting the motorbike until the Jeepy has gone and the multicab is put back to road use. Its all about priorities, an addiction to having something that really may hamper life rather than improve it can wait or even better just don’t buy it if you don’t need it. Better to be debt free and food in the stomach than a shiny new cell phone with several months to pay and struggling to eat.

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  1. ann
    July 22, 2011 at 2:44 am

    So true, I like your blog and keep writing something like this because it is something some(or most) people should realize. Can I repost this?