Is Noynoy Aquino a good president for the Philippines?

noynoy-aquino-pictureI don’t normally get too deep into political things here I have enough time dealing with the UK political issues but I find Noynoy is getting an unfair deal in a lot of things since his arrival as president in the Philippines. There was the rice stuck in the docks at Cebu which seemed to be published in a way that makes out there was something untoward going on and that it  was NoyNoy’s administration that caused the hold up. Nobody actually questioned or covered the fact the issues were Government money was being spent to cover the import duties for private individuals and enterprise same as nothing covered how long it had been going on. This has resulted in money having to be paid to the government which I have been told is P150 per sack but is it paid to the government or was it just the duties that should have been paid in the first place? I would actually see this as a positive move from the administration, its one of many things that have happened but very little gets said on the positive side. The Manila bus hostage crisis has left president NoyNoy taking a lot of flack for the way it was handled he is one man that has taken on a system that is well known to have severe problems. The Police equipment and training were all inherited from previous administrations and a good counter terrorist or anti-hostage unit would take at least 1 – 2 years to develop yet people want answer on why it was a failure.. they have to look a lot further than the last few months. I think its still early to judge how much NoyNoy will do for the Philippines but since his move to power things seem to be heading in the right direction and hopefully it continues throughout his administration to put the Philippines back on the map in a positive light. I have a lot of friends who won’t come here because of the bad press the Philippines has been receiving to do with corruption, killing journalists and now the Manila bus fiasco.

I can say that the Philippines offers a lot of positive things for tourism and once you have got the distance and cost of flight out of the picture I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t enjoy their trip here (tourists not permanent residents). Permanent residents wise I have had very little that wouldn’t come back even after losing all their money. Generally they head back to their home country restock the finances and are back as soon as they can. I have some friends I know who struggle which would be more breadline sort of living as they have very little money at all but they love it here and even with their hardships they refuse to leave. The press will always sell the bad stories and never even print the good so don’t believe the media with the dark picture they sell as to be honest its nowhere near as bad as people make out and to be honest even a grumbling expat if you said why don’t you go home they will quickly tell you why they are staying. .