Is kidnapping a real risk in the Philippines?

bad media Kidnapping is a real risk in many parts of the world but within the Philippines its mainly done in specific areas. There does seem to be a recent increase in activity but it could just be the media and the fact its Americans that have been kidnapped. Heard about the school teachers in Mindanao? probably not because they were Filipinos maybe the guy from Kerala less than 4 weeks ago or the Malaysian truck driver less than month before that, no? Well this is the reality of life in and out of the Philippines most things of importance you rarely hear off and you can blame people like Rupert Murdock who have brought journalism down to a school yard level. We are and have been seeing the demise of good journalism for a long time but its things like the kidnappings in the Philippines that do show how bad things are as they go unnoticed unless it has one word “Americans” and suddenly its international news.

I can understand many people don’t want to read the news outside of their own country at the same time like today Fox News biggest story out of the UK? “UK Government Turns Against Murdoch’s Bid for British Sky Broadcasting”. Most other stories on the World section are tied with foreign policy or war on terror. While over in the UK the “News of the World” scandal continues and funny enough a U.S. senator is requesting information on if any U.S. citizens were part of that illegal wire tapping. Funny that’s another Murdock enterprise but didn’t lead Fox News with that one even though its more relative and interesting than him trying to buy the Sky network.

Back getting things in context here to is kidnapping a real risk in the Philippines the reason I brought up the media is its how they write about it by choosing what stories to print that it often scaremongers for the wrong reason or in fact buries truth and facts to suit media giants. Things have moved away from finding and releasing the story at all cost to manipulation to suit politics and corporations.

This is why your reading this post in the first place as Googling around for statistics on kidnappings probably hasn’t been fruitful in fact if we take this section quoted section :-

Agence France Presse story quoted the annual report of the Pacific Strategies and Assessments on kidnapping in the Philippines as saying the number of actual kidnappings in 2005 was about three times the official figure and security analysts estimated that cases occur about every three days.
A total of 44 kidnapping incidents were reported to law enforcement agencies last year, a 50 percent increase over 2004, but the vast majority still go unreported, the PSA said.

You can already see that kidnapping reports are expected to be a lot higher than they are, ok the data is a little out of date but nearly everything on the subject online is. But you have to remember people don’t kidnap without reason which is why these people disappear (many aren’t kidnappings they are assassinations).

I don’t see a real risk of being kidnapped in the Philippines as long as you keep out of locations well known for it or engage in activities that show excessive wealth.