Is it time there was change in the UK?

As I sit in the Philippines and look at the differences between the Philippines and the UK there is many things that are similar and also many things that they could learn from each other. One of the important factors is that the Philippines has a strong control over its employment within the country making it difficult for foreigners to come and work here.. something that the UK should take a note of. The opening of the flood gates of Europe to allow not only anybody who wants to work come to the UK but also a lot of illegal immigrants and “fake” asylum seekers that should have been left in France and Spain rather than letting them take a piggy back on the back of a truck. There are reasons to support it in the UK but for the Philippines relaxing it could actually bring new life to industries within the country and create new skills.

The UK embraces cultures with open arms but at the cost of its British inhabitants. The Philippines protects its inhabitants in the opposite way.. but why? For the Philippines it offers unrivalled competition for the Elite families to stay Elite. For the UK we have bled money into Europe and had nothing in return and no doubt many politicians have had special favours to keep that door open. At the cost of every tax payer of the UK not only for this generation but for the foreseeable future and has been happening since the 70s leading to the end of British people and the beginning of the European..

What is the real cost to the UK on this matter? Simple answer its identity and wealth. It has given none stop draining its resources financially and mentally as a brain drain has also been happening on a regular basis. We get cheaper meats from Europe than the farmer in the same town why?? because we donated (for example 2008 £50 Billion to the EU) tax payers money to Europe to subsidies the French farmers aswell as many others.. We Champion (as the biggest problem in British History Tony Blair puts it) former eastern European countries by pouring billions of pounds into they’re economies giving better infrastructure and allow free travel. This all sounds great for a former Eastern European and helping others is something the UK has become famous for. We donate billions each year all around the world to charity aswell as many other schemes in the developing world but for what?

The problem with Eastern Europe for example is they have travelled worked gained a good income and headed back to the East or settled. For those that have settled they have burdened the UK infrastructure with huge increases in demand for medical, education and other services that the UK tax payer has paid for years yet over 1 million new immigrants entered the UK to work (not including  Asylum seekers etc). Who are entitled to free care and education at the burden of the people of the UK. I agree that given time the settlers will improve they’re tax rate to the UK and eventually they will be part of the community. The issue is the huge numbers that entered the country in one go uncontrolled. I believe immigration should be halted at around 250,000 per annum unless for specific working and must be skilled.

For those that came for the construction boom and then headed back to Eastern Europe they will be sitting out the world recession comfortably due to the fact they were earning huge incomes incomparison to the incomes they earned back in they’re home countries. Aswell as having the full understanding of the value of money which is something the British person has got away from, they will no doubt develop businesses in such places as the Ukraine, Albania, Romania, Poland etc. from the new skills and contacts they made in the UK and soon the small business they worked for in the UK has a new competitor who functions at a lot lower rates.

Am I a racist? Simple answer no.. I’m not a pure nationalist either because I believe in immigration and equality. The problems I have is when there are people in the UK struggling to find work (yes they are!) especially in the unskilled labour market which is overloaded with foreign workers (foreign as in not British nationals). Ok we need a more skilled labour force there is no dispute there but who pays for it? When I went to college I worked in burger restaurants, Night clubs, factories anything to make enough to pay for my education and exist.. fill the country with cheap labour those jobs are gone and British workers cant get the foot on the ladder that allows them to pay for college and learn new skills.

The labour government was the biggest mistake the people of the UK have made in the last 20 years but in defence of the people of my home nation the Labour government where as honest as a second hand car salesman all lies and mistruth. I cant wait to see the day they are thrown from power and hopefully never return.

I’m proud of my heritage but ashamed of the government that are supposed to help and develop our country sell us and our resources to Europe for personal gain.